I believe in the power of connection, and helping honest entrepreneurs know and own their identity.  


I picked up the camera three years ago when my mother was dying.  All of the sudden the fragility of life was a terrifying lesson I was learning too quickly, and I wanted to document her story.  This challenging time sparked a passion to photograph stories.

The camera became a snorkel allowing me to breathe from underwater, and when I was documenting the story I felt I could still be alive myself.

After my mom passed, we moved to Green Bay from San Francisco to be closer to family.  From the moment I moved here two years ago I became fascinated with the stories of business owners.  I didn’t know what to expect of this new town, but in a place famous for football and beer I found a community driven by passionate small business owners.  These are the stories I tell, and the connections photography makes between honest businesses and the people they serve.  


I see you, I hear you.  Let me tell your story.

Let's Connect!