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You have heard of the Jack of All Trades?  Well Maddie is the Jill of All Trades. As an avid creative, Maddie runs several successful businesses and has developed a large social media following.  For Maddie’s ventures to be successful, she depends upon cultivating genuine connections with her followers, so planning her personal brand photo shoot had deliberate intention.  When Maddie creates, she uses her hands which of course had to be part of the plan. On top of knitting, Maddie also weaves which is a beautiful art to showcase in her storytelling.  Also, she is a writer so I wanted this connection to be prominent in her gallery too. On top of all these creations, Maddie is a fun loving, Taylor Swift obsessed adventurer so crafting her session involved creative locations, incredible props, music, and laughter.  Her pictures are featured on her website, and all social media channels.  Maddie continues to update her content with quarterly personal branding shoots. Find her here:

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