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When Monica was ready bring her organic skincare brand to a whole new level, she invested in professional photography to give her brand a more professional look.  She wanted to help her product stand out in a saturated market, and she knew she needed more than cell phone pictures to achieve this.  During our consultation, Monica was clear on her intention to connect her ideal clients with the feeling of clean living, organic skin care, and simplicity for your skin.  We elevated her look by using living greenery, bright natural lighting, and consistent themes between all the product photos. In addition, showcasing the textures of her products was an important part of explaining the difference between organic ingredients and store bought products with preservatives.  Seeing these elevated photos has had a ripple effect on Monica’s business and given her confidence to uplevel multiple other areas including her website , pricing structure, all social media channels, expanded product offerings, and even participating in trade shows.  Last month her product sales doubled, and her company has reached entirely new levels now becoming a full time business venture with quarterly product photo shoots. Find more information here:

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