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Brand Photography: Trailblazing While Building Trust

If you know me at all, you know I love a good trailblazer story.

So when I met Brannon Guyette from Guyette Financial, I knew right away that I wasn’t going to be working with your stereotypical, “stuffy” financial firm. While he certainly gets lit up by all the technical financial intricacies, what makes Guyette Financial different is a focus on family. Brannon and his team stand out in an industry riddled with scandal, mistrust, and abuse of power. They’re a very refreshing change of pace. We needed to find a way to connect this team's story of people over spreadsheets.

Where does this come from?

Well, it’s a family business. As a second-generation financial advisor, Brannon learned from his dad, right here in the Green Bay area.

When it came time to take photos together, we intentionally stayed far away from the traditional, corporate headshots. We used the details of their riverside Green Bay so people immediately connected with the brand. This was all about building trust, challenging clichés, and being welcomed in their brand-new office building along the banks of the Fox River.

Using the natural landscape from their office view, I captured casual, personality-forward images. The goal is to build connections.

What a refreshing feel for an industry that doesn't have a reputation for thinking outside the box!

We created two brand videos for Guyette Financial, and here are some special behind-the-scenes pictures from their video shoot. This helps to establish a personal connection for Guyette Financial and a new type of media to coordinate with their brand’s marketing plan.

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