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Julie Gile - Founder and Brand Visionary of
Julie M. Gile Photography

Learn about Northeast Wisconsin’s

dedicated brand photographer

If you’re anything like me, you needed help uncovering your true calling. My career pivoted from project management to photography after the unexpected terminal illness of my mother. During that difficult time, my camera became a snorkel that helped me breathe instead of drown.  Taking pictures allowed me to keep her story alive.


My family and I relocated from San Francisco, CA to Green Bay, WI in 2017. I quickly realized something remarkable about business owners in Wisconsin… we're unlike anything I’d ever experienced in California. 


In Wisconsin, businesses are built on handshakes, connections, trust, and genuine relationships. We are deeply loyal. We care about the “why” behind a brand. We connect with stories. Relationships are the current of our local economies, and my gut told me genuine visual marketing will convey these connections. 

Fast forward to today - I craft artful storytelling images for brands both locally and internationally and had my work published in numerous magazines, billboards, books, and more. 

I serve people just like you, building the next big chapter in their business. You already have the ability to make connections - we just need to make that visually powerful.

Are you ready?

julie gile-9847_websize.jpg
Julie Gile brand photographer

To reach your dream clients you need more than pretty photos. You need smart strategy aligned with beautiful images."

                                                            - Julie

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