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7 Signs It’s Time for a Better Brand Strategy

January is the perfect season for reflection and renewal, especially when it comes to your brand. The start of a new year holds promises of new growth opportunities and chances to put down deeper roots. 

But as you set your goals and dream your big dreams, don’t forget to prioritize the bedrock of your business's identity: Your brand strategy.

I get to witness on a daily basis the power that brand images possess when it comes to telling stories. Well-crafted imagery not only speaks volumes about who you are and what your brand represents, but also resonates with your audience.

In other words, your brand much more than a logo or a color palette. It’s your voice in a crowded marketplace. That’s why aligning your brand strategy with your business growth goals is key. Here are seven signs that signal it’s time to refine your efforts through a better brand strategy.

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Sign 1: Your Business Has Changed

Like a living organism, your business has grown and adapted over the years.  With more experience comes a depth in expertise.  Perhaps you've honed your offerings or found a niche that's uniquely yours. Maybe you’ve continued your own education and credentials, or through your experience, you’ve improved your process.

If your brand hasn't kept pace with these changes, it may no longer mirror the business you run today. Like a photograph that captures a moment, your brand should crystallize who you are today, and showcase the dream

of where you want to go, not who you were yesterday.

Sign 2: Your Brand Imagery is Generic

Are you stuck using generic stock imagery in your marketing materials? These photos can feel disconnected and impersonal, and do not truly represent your brand. 

Another trend that has run its course is using a generic shot list when a photographer shoots branding photos. It doesn’t take long before those photos feel dated and inauthentic, and no longer match the depth and talent you’ve developed in your brand. 

Sign 3: Your Brand STRATEGY Doesn’t Reflect Your Value

As your experience deepens, so does your value. The expertise you are able to offer clients today is vastly different than when you first started. If you're contemplating an upscale in your pricing, your brand strategy should mirror this elevation, to convey your level of quality and service.

Sign 4: You Keep Getting the Wrong Clients

If your inbox is brimming with inquiries that don't align with your services, or you’re not getting the foot traffic you need to sustain your business, it's a clear indicator that your messaging is off-key. 

There’s a good chance that your outdated brand strategy doesn’t align with what you currently offer. Refreshing your strategy can help attract people who will not only benefit the most from what you offer, but will also appreciate the full spectrum of your work.

Sign 5: You Keep Getting Repeat Questions

When there's a gap between what your brand communicates and what prospects understand, that will show up as repetitive questions. A clarified brand message can preempt these questions, paving the way for a smoother client experience and a faster sales cycle.  In addition, by showing your process through brand photos then clients will be prepared when they engage your services.  

Sign 6: Your Sales Process is Clunky

If there's discord in how clients move from discovery to purchase, this friction may be attributed to a mismatch in your brand promise and the client journey. If you notice that there are patterns in your sales process that stall progress, a brand strategy refresh can help. 

Sign 7: You’re Expanding Into a New Market

A new audience presents a unique set of expectations and needs. Your brand strategy should be agile enough to extend a warm, authentic welcome to these potential clients while staying true to your core identity.

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Which of these signs resonated with you, as you ramp up your 2024 goals? If this article leads to an “ah ha” moment or two, reach out to me to set-up a Brand Strategy Session. 

Your brand strategy should capture the soul of your business. It's not merely about looking good – it's about making a meaningful connection. I can’t wait to help you experience your next breakthrough! 

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