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Brand Photography is MORE Than a Headshot!

When I first spoke with Tanya Sushkova, partner at NEW Cornerstone Mortgage, her goal was simply to update her professional headshots. She had noticed my work and wanted to get her headshots freshened up.

But after we met for our brand strategy session, Tanya and I decided to include more relaxed, lifestyle images in her photo gallery. These images will help Tanya build her marketing content in a much more unique way than just a headshot.

We identified LinkedIn to be a great resource for Tanya's business growth strategy, and her new images have already been getting some traction.

I arranged our photo shoot to be at Evolve Green Bay. This is a gorgeous studio space for creatives, hosted by Audrey Thomas Photography. I played up the natural character of the space, including the floor-to-ceiling windows, natural lighting, and historic raw architectural features, by helping Tanya choose a neutral soft wardrobe color palette. I also had Tanya bring along marketing materials from her company to tie everything together.

Before we finished for the day, we took advantage of the amazing character of Downtown Green Bay and stepped outside for some incredible shots, including white-washed brick buildings and summer flowers. Tanya worked with professional hair and makeup to polish her look - and as you can see, everything came together flawlessly.

In just under two hours, I was able to create a final polished gallery of over 40 post-ready images featuring a variety of colors, backgrounds, looks, and content. Instead of just headshots, we were able to create a lifestyle gallery representing Tanya's brand in a fresh and creative way.

Reach out, today, to schedule your own brand strategy session. Is it time to take your imagery beyond just headshots?

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