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Breaking the Stock Imagery Mold for a Virtual Assisting Company

When you think about a “virtual assistant,” you picture someone working from a computer or phone. Type that phrase into Google Images and you’ll get pages of stock photos looking exactly the same. I wanted to break free of this stereotype when I photographed this client because the solutions she provides are so much more.

I’ve partnered with Melissa Swink for several years. She has been an excellent source of support and consistency, helping me grow my business and improve my processes. I like to call her one of the top “secret weapons” for Julie M. Gile Photography.

Melissa Swink & Co. provides a deep bench of professional virtual assistants and specialized service providers. Melissa and her team are very detail-oriented and solution-focused. Also, because she provides services for me, I was able to bring a lot of backdoor knowledge to our branding session. I couldn’t wait to elevate her brand stories through photography.

Our biggest challenge was showing Melissa as a CEO. We couldn’t just put her behind a computer; we needed to convey the biggest gift that her company provides… freedom.

Melissa helps busy business owners achieve more time, more organization, and less clutter in their businesses. Her team is very good at executing procedures, managing details, and creating systems. They know how to get things done, the behind-the-scenes of a busy business, providing entrepreneurs with more space to do the things they really love and helping them scale their businesses to new heights.

In our session, we captured Melissa doing things she loves. We portrayed time with family, her hobbies, and being part of a book club. I even included a photo of her journal, where she had a list of things that she enjoys doing in her spare time.

During our brand strategy session, Melissa said the biggest challenge her clients face is understanding what kind of tasks to assign a VA. For this, I asked Melissa to actually write a list of the most frequently assigned tasks for her team. This way anyone looking at these photos on her website, social media, blogs, and marketing material will understand exactly how she helps people in a matter of seconds.

Targeted brand photography instantly answers your client’s most common questions.

As you can see, our photos show the ideal outcome for clients instead of the day-to-day tasks of a virtual assistant. They also elevate Melissa’s role as the CEO of a growing team. I think we nailed these goals!

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