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Brand Photography: Blog Writer Kelly with The Wabi Post

One amazing highlight of 2020 was the launch of many new creative projects, and when Kelly reached out to me to help create the visuals for her new brand I was 110% on board! Kelly was referred by another client of mine (Ash Lane Design), so she was already excited about the brand photography work she had seen and was ready for her own custom brand strategy session.

The Wabi Post Blog Kelly developed over the years from her passion for brand consulting and writing.

"As a business-minded creative, I'm passionate about creating juicy, must-read messaging that turns emails into clicks, prospects into buyers, and marketing into results."


What Kelly struggled with was cohesive and professional visual content to build trust in her brand as she prepared to launch a new website and an online marketing course. During our strategy session Kelly described the details of her ideal audience, her motivation behind creating the course and her ultimate business goals.

"I don't believe in cookie-cutter templates or one-size-fits-all work. Expect clean, crisp content that is rooted in your values and vision." -Kelly

In response to Kelly's goal for creating clean, crisp content for her clients, we needed to do the same for her visual brand imagery. We chose to host the shoot at her house, include her black lab Ritz, grandmother's desk, new baby Whitney, the office she decorated, and all the unique details that inspire Kelly to create. What resulted are a series of images Kelly has used to create a cohesive website, social media feed, and build an online marketing course launching next month. Not only has Kelly's confidence grown, but she also builds trust with her audience with every interaction point too.

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