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Connecting Versus Collecting: The Anti Social Media Marketing Plan

I’m here to challenge the way you use social media.

Bigger is not always better.

Consider quality over quantity.

Are you collecting followers or really connecting?

Let me ask you honestly: Where did your last client come from? Was it a random connection on social media, or was it a personal referral?

Consider for a moment that your social media is not exactly the most massive lead generator. I talk to so many different clients every week about how they’re exhausted when it comes to

social media. They’re tired, drained, need detoxes, and they need to stop paying attention for a while.

It can be overwhelming how much content is needed and how much time has to be devoted to social media in order for it to be a successful avenue for marketing. It’s not supposed to be this way!

So, I am challenging you.

Can you use social media differently? I use social media in my business for ONE purpose:

Give my clients love.

I focus on supporting my clients, sharing their work, supporting their journey, watching their

marketing, learning about their offerings, researching their industries, and connecting with

their mission. This research makes my work more relevant to my clients, and builds referrals.

Massive followers really wouldn’t benefit me or my work; would it really benefit yours?

Don’t forget for a moment that social media is successful because the algorithms understand

how to reward addictive behavior. So really ask yourself how to step back and use social media to support your goals instead of supporting the algorithm’s goals. Collecting a massive following is going to take a significant investment of time and money; however, really focusing on connection, instead, will create repeat business and referrals.

Connection builds repeat business AND it takes off the burden of making social media a major lead generator and marketing tool. Social media doesn’t have to be a massive time and energy-sucking beast... but the algorithm really wants your time.

Focus on doing great work rather than spending hours on your Instagram or LinkedIn content.

When you do post online, use pictures that last rather than pictures that are “churned and

burned.” Quality brand images are a lasting representation of what you do, what you're proud of, and where you want your business to be in 3-5 years.

So how can you stop “feeding the beast” and start truly connecting on social media?

1. Consider social media as a living, breathing portfolio of your work. Use quality visual images

to support this story. Show the work you want to continue doing, and speak to your

specialty. Save the lead generation for your email list, and referrals from your existing

clients. Speak to the people who are already listening, and nurture this audience first and

foremost. Be a thought leader in your space.

2. Show your imperfections and authenticity. People connect with humanness. There is a great reason why behind-the-scenes footage is so popular online. People love to peek behind the curtain to see how the process comes together. But the funny thing is that this behind-the-

scenes trend got so popular it became curated. What no one can replicate, however, is your

special sauce. The way YOU do business is like nothing else, so don’t be afraid to show it.

This is what makes you human, and what makes people able to connect with you.

Imperfection is real.

3. Support your tribe by connecting with their work. Give your clients love, and lots of it. One

of my favorite ways to use social media is to be a fangirl for my clients. This is a great way to

nurture client relationships, and help your tribe gain traction while growing their business.

Instead of focusing your energy outward on random and potentially new clients, use your

valuable time and energy to support the people who support you. This is a great way to

cultivate your next referral.

When it comes down to it, your clients just want more of you. They don’t love working with

canned emails, assistants, bots, and call centers. The more authentically you connect with your brand, the better your client experience will be. And the client experience is the number one measure of how your brand will be remembered. 

Something magical happens when you blaze your own trail. You stop wasting time feeding an

algorithm that wasn’t designed to serve you. You stop wasting time looking at what others are

doing. Instead, you have more time to create your own path.

That’s when you start attracting the work you really love.

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