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Brand Photography: Mortgage Broker Kristen Ambos “It’s More Than a House”

I’m eager to introduce you to one of my quarterly brand photography and brand strategy clients, Kristen Ambos of Guaranteed Rate Mortgage, as this month’s Client Spotlight.

Now you might be thinking what I thought, prior to meeting with Kristin for our branding session: How can I possibly make mortgages look interesting or exciting through photography?

I quickly realized it all comes down to Kristen’s story...and she's a trailblazer.

During our strategy session we discussed all sorts of details about her business, but I always make sure to go a few steps deeper to find the real root of my client's passion. Kristen has an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to the table, but she also has more.

I asked her to tell me about her favorite clients. She teared up as she described a young couple who really wanted to buy their first home, however they had some credit challenges and it just wasn’t going to be possible.

Did Kristen give up? Not a chance.

Did Kristen try to sell them something that wasn't responsible? Not a chance.

Here's the deal, at the root of Kristen's professional skills and experience is a person who is passionate about helping people.

These are the stories where being a trailblazer matters most.

Kristen worked with the couple for over a year, advising the pair on how to clean up their credit and get their finances in order. Finally, they were able to buy a house comfortably.

Then the pandemic hit, and the couple wasn't worried because they were well taken care of and advised responsibly. Kristen's extra effort to advise the couple over the past year actually set them up for long term success on multiple levels.

Kristen taught them lessons for a lifetime of success.

What an incredible story! Kristen’s savvy knowledge of the mortgage industry is unparalleled, especially when you combine it with her passion for people. She is a consumer advocate first.

Kristen’s branding shoot is also going to stick with me because of the location we chose. She took me back to her very first home, where her story began.

As a first-time homebuyer, learning the ins and outs of mortgages the hard way, she also discovered the joy that comes with homeownership and being part of a neighborhood community. That experience motivated Kristen to help other people experience the same kind of pride.

As you enjoy this selection of photos from Kristen’s session, notice how I framed the photos to leave space for marketing purposes. She uses a variety of photos on her social media, newsletter, YouTube Channel, and website, so this gives flexibility in graphic design.

Since Kristen shoots quarterly with me, we review all her analytics and see which images are performing with the highest level of engagement. This helps us understand her audience and prepare the content shotlist for next quarter. Out next shoot will be in October featuring her entire team!

If you’re inspired to convey your own brand stories through photography, book a complimentary clarity call through my website. I look forward to learning about what makes you a trailblazer!

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