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Kicking a Brand into High Gear

Paramount Performance, located in the beautiful, historic Suamico Village, provides a welcoming and encouraging environment. But to make that apparent online, the owner and marketing team needed some help elevating their brand imagery for the website and social media channels.

On a recommendation from a few members, I connected with Paramount and we got to work. We dove into the look and feel they wanted to cultivate and worked on where people were currently getting lost in the process so we could clarify everything.

We created a cohesive series of images to support the branding goals. We did this by using real Paramount Performance clients as models and brought in better lighting to brighten the vibe. Thanks to the participation of these clients, the vibe conveyed authenticity and a great lifestyle - which better reflects the atmosphere when you enter the facility!

(If you look closely, you may even get a glimpse of my husband and son moonlighting in this gallery!)

Despite the fact that we had over 14 people at this shoot (including kids), we were able to get everything on our shot list, plus some extra photos. This required clear planning, direction, and a timeline.

In addition to their website renovation with these brand photos, Paramount is already using these photos in marketing materials, publications, and - of course - social media.

Best wishes to the Paramount Performance team as they plan their expansion into the Madison area this summer. Follow the story on Facebook and Instagram!

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