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My Top Three Social Media Secrets

I love Instagram.

It’s my favorite platform, especially for the pretty pictures. :-)

But to be honest, Instagram has become really frustrating and sales-y, lately… have you noticed? It doesn’t help that the platform seems to only want to push Reels. Don’t get me wrong - I love a funny, clever, or poignant short video. But as a photographer at heart, I’m a little sad that beautiful, static imagery is losing its prominence.

I share this because I want you to be realistic about what social media is and what social media isn’t. I work closely with my clients on their social media strategy - so today, I want to help you answer the question: How can we make sure social media is a tool that works to enhance our brands, instead of being an obligation to fulfill?

How I use social media: Social media is a living, breathing portfolio space to showcase my work and support my clients and community.

How I do NOT use social media: I do not use social media to gain followers or follow trends.

Surprised? Let’s talk about it.

Secret #1: Know Yourself

Don’t be like many organizations on social media, blindly attempting to mirror the social media success of another company. Beyond the secret of “knowing yourself” is the power that comes with understanding the overlap of what you are good at and what your audience truly wants.

So own your brand and who you are. Pinpoint your audience and what they care about. Block out the noise of the latest, flashiest social media platform or gimmick, and be realistic about where and how your audience is actually spending their time.

When you are posting or engaging on social media, show up with intention. Only post content that matches your team’s personality, culture, and capabilities. Have specific goals around social media that line up with your overall business strategy. A huge part of this is crafting visuals that match your brand style and goals.

When you really know yourself, social media becomes a more manageable beast. You’ll be able to effectively craft a social media and content marketing plan.

Secret #2: Connection is Key

As you build out your content, you’re going to receive comments and questions - just ignore any bots that show up! In all seriousness, when people interact with your content - take it to heart. Always respond in a timely manner. Craft intentional replies that are positive and true to your brand.

Beyond your own page, take time to support other people who are meaningful to you and your brand. Like, follow, and share content to build meaningful online relationships. Find people or brands that align with your own, and be the first to celebrate their accomplishments.

Connection can also be achieved through the imagery you choose. I create tailored brand photos to support your social media strategy and help you cultivate true connections.

When you consistently show up with the intention to connect and uplift, your community will gather.

Secret #3: Analyze and Adjust

Keep track of your analytics to see what kind of visual and written information your audience likes to see. While I’m not hyper-focused on a follower number, I do keep an eye on the types of posts that draw the most eyeballs and reactions. I’m sometimes surprised by what people gravitate toward - but once I notice these preferences, I adjust my content strategy to produce more of what my people like.

As you’re interacting with your audience and the brands you like, you’ll start to build awareness of why they value what you’re sharing. All of this information is crucial to growing your bonds on social media. Soon, these fans will convert into loyal clients/customers.

I’ll leave you with one final thought: As a business owner, you can’t be an expert in everything. Focus on these three social media strategies for a few months, and see if it helps you create content with more ease and show up with greater intention. Report back with your results!

As always, I’m here to help you with the Tailored Brand Photography piece of the puzzle - so set up a consultation if you’d like more information.

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