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Top 5 Ways to Stop the Scroll With Your Photos

You know it when you see it, something that makes you stop scrolling through your feed… Sometimes you don’t even care that it’s a targeted ad and you can’t help but double tap because it’s just SO aesthetically pleasing. Heck, you even tap on the “more info” bar to browse the website. Yes, you know what I’m talking about... Beautiful product photography.

“I could never achieve photos like that.” “I don’t have a marketing team filled with dozens of people tossing out ideas!” “I don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to drop on an ad campaign.” “My camera just isn’t good enough”

These are things I hear so often from business owners small and large, whether it’s a local juicery who is struggling with cohesive branding content while also trying to stand out from the crowd… Or someone who sells their handmade items on Etsy as a side hustle... You’re not alone. 

If this sounds like you, I’ve created a FREE 5 Day STOP THE SCROLL Challenge—How to Uplevel your brand photos to connect and convert your ideal client. Click HERE to find out more!

But guess what? Cohesive and beautiful brand and product images are 100% within your reach so let’s talk about ways that you can take your product photos to the next level.

1. Make Your Content and Brand Photography Unique

I can’t tell you how many times a photo has made me stop my mindless scrolling because it’s different. It’s not a photo of a shoe on a model’s foot… It’s a high heel smashed through a sheet of neon pink paper being held by a hand. It’s not what people expect, so they stop and pay attention. When things are interesting, others take notice. Even if it’s something as simple as adding a blanket for texture, taking your photos from a different angle, or a pop of color that you don’t normally feature on your feed it will help grab the eyes and attention of those you want to reach. Click HERE for some examples.

2. Add some life and personality to your brand photography

There’s a reason houseplants are trendy right now! They’re full of life, color, vibrancy, and oh so fresh. (Seriously, just take a look at #plantstagram, you will fall in love with all things green!) Adding a plant is a great way to add some interest and dimension to your photo. Worried that you have a black thumb and that it won’t last long? Fake plants are totally fine! Make sure you keep them dusted, and maybe even spritz them with water to give it a more life-like feel for your photos. Click HERE for some examples.

Food and Beverage Photography | Restaurant Photography | Julie M Gile Photography

3. Less is More. Let Your Brand Shine in Your Shine in Your Photos.

There’s a reason we are always drawn to the Apple Stores when we walk through the mall. They’re so clean, simple, clutter-free. Their devices are sleek and seemingly uncomplicated. There’s something refreshing about clean design and branding, while others are going all out, adding filters, background objects, people in the photos… Sometimes a simple shot stands out among the competition.  Click HERE for some examples.

4. Be Aware of Movement

When you place your items and other props in a photo, take a moment and think about how your eyes will move throughout the picture. We naturally read photos like we would read a book, from left to right. Keep that in mind when arranging items because if you aren’t careful the item can fade into the background and people struggle to know what the focus of the picture is.

Food and Beverage Photography | Restaurant Photography | Julie M Gile Photography

5. Lights! Camera! More Lights!

Lighting is arguable the most important factor in your product photography… Maybe even more important than the product itself. “What!?” You’re saying as you shake your head. Hear me out… If you don’t have any light, there’s no way you can capture the image. Of course it’s important to think about all the varying tones/types of light to use. Does your brand lend itself to natural lighting? Perhaps a story is better told with some dramatic evening shots or spotlights? Do you envision your brand cool toned and modern? Warm and welcoming? All these things depend on lighting, it can make or break your product photography and be the difference between a messy feed and telling your brand’s story. This is something that can be controlled in many ways, taking photos at the right time of day, the right light bulbs in your lamps, and even in post-production through editing.

Food and Beverage Photography | Restaurant Photography | Julie M Gile Photography

If you want to learn more, join our FREE 5 Day STOP THE SCROLL Challenge where we will learn how to remove the noise and start connecting with your photos. Each day has an actionable challenge, and you’ll receive feedback directly from me! You’ll be entered to win a FREE mini branding session with me!

Those are just a few of the ways that you can take your product and branding images to the next level. They’re things that you can easily tackle yourself, but if creating your brands image through photography is something that still scares you a bit… You know who to call. I’m always more than happy to sit down with you to consult all the different ways we can bring your brand to life and create product images that you are proud of, but also help market your items in a beautiful and meaningful way. 

Want to talk more about your details? Click the button below!

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