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Building Brand Stability Through Cohesive Imagery

I’m thrilled to share Budz Family CBD as this month’s Client Spotlight!

Before we began working together, this Suamico-based company was named Budz Butter. The owners recognized that their marketing efforts were disjointed and the website didn’t truly reflect who they were and what they had to offer. They were struggling to find stock imagery and low-resolution pictures, instead of showcasing their outstanding products. This is a family-owned and operated company full of heart and soul, but struggling to connect this through marketing.

When I came to meet the Budz Family for our brand strategy session we started by discussing the brand goals. Kayla was a major asset in understanding exactly where Budz Butter was, and why they were growing out of the previous brand name. A major goal was to build the trust factor with their audience, grow the personal connection, expand product offerings beyond butter, and put faces behind the brand. We developed visual marketing to connect the audience and differentiate in the market. As part of their rebranding process to become Budz Family CBD, we made the family connection front and center - as featured in the new logo and name - then carried this in the colors, wardrobe, and locations we chose for the shoot. The brand photography is visual marketing to support the brand. Budz’ new family photos, spread across two comprehensive photoshoots, are helping build the “know, like, and trust” factor with new and existing customers. We also included a product shoot and production behind-the-scenes content.

After the brand strategy work was completed, I was able to scout the precise locations to build our story. Then I coordinated wardrobe recommendations to compliment each person and jive with the logo. Once this was completed, we had a timeline in place so everyone knew where to be when. We also used Kayla’s dog Grizz to model, and he needed a full grooming with a fresh bandana for his big moment!

These photos create a cohesive experience across the blogs, product catalog, and website banner images on the new website. We also captured pictures that show the food production and what it’s like inside the bakery. Customers love seeing behind-the-scenes pictures of their favorite brands, and this authentic photography creates this engaging experience. Also, this collection of images rolls right over into social media making the customer experience consistent.

As a result of this cohesive imagery, Budz Family CBD has increased its brand stability and is building its business through clientele that land on their website. They also have print marketing material and packaging that all coordinate. In the case of Budz, storytelling visuals really made all the difference!

Go check out Budz Family CBD on Facebook and Instagram! And if you’re looking for a product to try, I recommend Dog Steak Bites. My very active golden retriever, Rosie, loves these treats when she’s worn out from playing and needs to chill at my feet as I edit photos.

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