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Brand Photography: Reiki Practitioner Jess with True North Healing

"Life opens up in so many different ways when your energy has been awakened."

If you are not familiar with Reiki, you are probably not the only one. Reiki is an energetic healing technique involving the movement of energy through the body. ReikiScoop has a very informative Introductory Guide for Beginners for those who are new to energy healing.

Jess is the owner of True North Healing which is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She is a talented Reiki practitioner and approached me to help capture branded images which told a story of her expertise and services. Jess wanted images to convey authenticity, trustworthiness, and sincerity to drive interest in her practice, as well as visuals for launching a new website.

There were a few challenges with the brand strategy for True North Healing. First of all, Reiki is not a well known practice in Green Bay, Fox Valley, and Northeast Wisconsin. After our strategy session, we had a plan which focused on educating her audience and establishing credibility. We did this by using cohesive colors, choosing outfits with a professional feel, and taking the time to craft visual images of Jess authentically in the moment with her clients.

To accomplish this visual strategy, we created an actual Reiki session with a client and photographed a Reiki workshop. In addition to Reiki, we also focused on the power of breathwork, journaling, meditation, essential oils, and connection.

Jess is extremely excited to use the images in her finished gallery to launch her marketing efforts. "Julie made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera. It was an amazing experience and I absolutely loved the whole entire gallery!"

Do you own a unique business and need help communicating your expertise to potential customers? Lets work together on creating some transformational branded images!

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