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Conveying Connection and Warmth at Turning Point Chiropractic

Turning Point Chiropractic in Green Bay prides itself on being a neurologically-based chiropractor. Turning Point provides nurturing care, personalized care plans, and places high importance on building one-on-one relationships with families. But when the clinic first opened in 2016, Dr. Brooke Peters and Dr. Leah Hetebrueg didn’t have the resources to invest in brand imagery and digital marketing. So they used stock imagery throughout their marketing materials.

Fast forward to 2022, and Turning Point is thriving. It was finally time to elevate the imagery and branding, and make the personal connection from Dr Brooke and Dr Leah tell the story. When it comes down to it the story of success can be told on the face of these patients. I’m honored to humanize the story of this wonderful local brand.

With an amazing and supportive group of clients, Turning Point Chiropractic has found its niche: Helping people heal. The team decided they wanted to customize their branding to make it look and feel like them. So before our first shoot, we discussed their goals and identified their unique characteristics. One area of differentiation is a lot of face-to-face interaction - to the point where they don’t have a traditional waiting room.

In addition to capturing this warm, welcoming atmosphere, we also needed to convey how Turning Point takes care of people of all ages. The doctors develop personalized plans for care for families and active people, so their images needed to shine a light on the different instruments used - such as integrators, activators, stretching, and other alternative healing modalities.

As a neurologically-based clinic, we also made special efforts to include the tools and techniques to support the pair’s unique strengths as neurological-based chiropractors.

This boiled down to “Making Care Personal” - so we shot accordingly, as you can see:

Not long after receiving the finished photos, Turning Point’s clients began to notice. New clients have commented on how the photos portrayed a personal, caring approach, and Turning Point Chiropractic’s website and location have received more traffic, as a result.

“We had a patient call and schedule after seeing the pictures on our website and told us, ‘the doctors look warm and inviting and like they truly care about their patients.’ Kudos to you because you nailed it with our pictures!” - Dr. Brook Peters, Neurologically-Based Chiropractor

We also took photos of children and babies as part of this shoot. Our goal with taking photos of kids was to share the comfort level that Turning Point’s youngest clients have with the clinic and doctors. When you're in a place where you're comfortable, people of all ages can le

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