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Creating Photography Magic with Nicole Norton

Behind the Scenes

People often ask me, “Who takes the behind-the-scenes picture of YOU?” Well, that’s a great story, and you all know I live for great stories.

Sometimes the Universe just drops something in your path and it’s so obvious. When I met Nicole it was just meant to be.

We were standing in line together at Voyageurs Bakehouse. I took one look at her eyes (above her mask) and knew instantly I would love to photograph her. However, I didn’t say anything at the time because I wasn’t sure how to put this into words! Later that same day I noticed a new follower on my Instagram, and low and behold it was Nicole. I immediately reached out and said, “Hey, were you literally just standing behind me in line at Voyageurs TODAY??” She said yes, and we both still laugh about this! We got to chatting on social media, and Nicole modeled for me on a client shoot. She brought a lot of great ideas to the table, as well as production experience. As my business was starting to grow, Nicole was a smooth transition to bring on board helping in so many areas.

Nicole is now my production apprentice and is the secret sauce behind many of the amazing, magical things that happen behind the scenes of my business.

She organizes events that we host, helps style our sets, floofs and unfloofs hair, sprinkles chocolate and mini marshmallows just so, modifies lighting, manages equipment, and has even been known to wrangle over-zealous animals on-set (very true story).

Nicole moved here from sunny So-Cal and is truly a multi-passionate woman.

We’ve collaborated on photography for her yoga teaching portfolio, including this incredible shoot in Downtown Green Bay, where we captured her yoga skills. We shot in moody light, using bold, beautiful colors and angles that showcased her flexibility.

To further build Nicole’s portfolio, we captured personality-type photos in an abandoned greenhouse at Green Bay Floral & Greenhouse.

Armed with these new photos, Nicole has successfully made connections with several yoga studios around the Green Bay area and is currently teaching at Western Racquet & Fitness Club and Jenstar Movement Studio. You can follow Nicole’s journey over on her Instagram!

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