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“Dream it and then create it.”

That’s my motto when it comes to creating just the right location for your Brand Photography Session.

What do I mean by “creating the right location?”

It’s so much more than taking the easy road, shooting your photos in the expected place with the expected backdrop. No, it means together—you and your Brand Photographer—can tell your story in unexpected ways and places.

Location, location, location. It’s not only important in real estate: it’s especially important in Brand Photography.

It’s all about looking at your product, your store, your business differently. Take a snow globe, shake it up -- and what do you see? A whole new world. Finding the right locations for your Brand Photography Session can create this for you, and change your marketing dramatically.

Our goal is to create imagery to connect your ideal client with you. In addition, I help my clients figure out how their products and services solve problems. This gives your ideal client value, which then results in them walking into your business, picking up the telephone or sending you that email that says, “Yes,” I want to know more about what you can do for me.

After you have researched and then hired your Brand Photographer, I recommend considering the following 4 topics when it comes to selecting the best creative locations for your Brand Photography Session:

1. Always ask yourself if the location enhances your story.

You need to create a connection between your brand and the location of your photo session.

Here are some examples.

If you’re a graphic designer then perhaps street art makes great creative sense for your photo session.

But for a nutritionist with a new business, the same beautiful street art location might distract from the message she’s trying to communicate to prospective customers.

Instead, a location at a local farmer’s market might put the nutritionist not only in a colorful setting but also place her out in the community among people who will then better understand what is unique about her services and why enlisting those services will add value to their lives.

Think about how, why and where your business first started.

Answering those questions might give you and your Brand Photographer some great leads as you scout creative locations. Perhaps the owner of a bakery could be photographed at his own home, baking with his children. The story of the busy independent bookshop owner and her great passion for reading might best be told surrounded by her very own collection of vintage books.

In addition, always ask yourself if the location for your Brand Photography Session makes sense with the financial goals you have set for your business. Are you reaching the right clients who will be willing to pay your price point? For this reason the location you choose should be very relatable to your ideal client.

There are ways to select locations to communicate important information with prospective customers, and you and your Brand Photographer should talk this through.

You love what you do -- and I know you wish you could provide your services to everyone who calls -- but the bottomline is what’s at stake for your business.

In the end, when it comes to locations for your photo session, it’s all about having a good working relationship with your Brand Photographer. You’ll then be able to comfortably and easily enjoy a give-and-take relationship that results in pictures that tell prospective customers what you need them to know, understand and appreciate about your business.

2. Consider finding a location that includes local art or architecture for your Brand Photography Session.

Think about your community. It’s a vast canvas of opportunities. Murals, street art, museums, noteworthy bridges, old and new architecture, all can add flair to your photos. Perhaps personally working with a local artist on your project might be the creative way to give your Brand Photography a very special “something.” Also, night scenes can lead to some really creative lighting and architectural features.

Whether your story is best told using a large-scale landscape or closely-cropped images, there are a multitude of ways to create some very diverse backgrounds to support your story. And many of those opportunities might be closer than you think!

3. Maybe it’s time to maximize your very own space.

Sometimes, there’s no place like home.

Our goal with Brand Photography is to inspire confidence in a prospective customer, and their decision to enlist your services or buy your product will enhance their professional or personal life.

Want them to feel comfortable walking through your office door and know you have the right people in place to provide the services and product they’re looking for? Then the location is clear: use your business itself for your Brand Photography.

Ok, so you’ll have to spiff the place up a bit, I can guarantee it.

But, I also guarantee, there are lots of options where “dream it and then create it” can be done in your business space.

You’re a local consignment shop owner in a trendy up-and-coming neighborhood who has intriguing and unique products. But your branding still isn’t quite “on” and you know you haven’t yet found the right way to target the customer who will best appreciate what you have to sell.

So why not consider reinventing yourself a bit?

Had you ever considered hosting a special event right within your business, perhaps for local neighborhood business partners on your very own street, or maybe an evening just for girlfriends? Would your storefront make for a great location for a festive dinner, or maybe even a wedding or bridal shower?

Think of the photographic possibilities!

The right Brand Photographer can help you creatively set the stage not only for good pictures, but also maybe enhance your business by taking a fresh look at the message you want your current and prospective customers to hear.

4. And, finally, always use your very own story.

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