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Elevating the Visual Brand of a Luxury Real Estate Agency

I’m pleased to feature Sandra Ranck of Keller Williams Realty as this month’s client spotlight. Sandra runs a luxury real estate agency out of a gorgeous, modern office space in the Rail Yard District in downtown Green Bay.

Before we met to strategize her visual branding and marketing strategy, Sandra found it challenging to connect with her ideal clients. Imagery included in her marketing materials revolved around stock photos and low-res visuals, which just wasn’t resonating with the audience or reflecting their preferred design aesthetic.

Our goal became showcasing exactly what Sandra’s brand is all about: authenticity.

Our first decision involved shooting location. Why not capture photos right in Sandra’s office? It perfectly reflects Sandra’s personal design preferences and the high-end, luxury feel that her clients love.

As you can see, Sandra’s office is warm and welcoming. She wants her clients to know exactly what to expect before they meet with her.

This shoot location also gives potential clients a peek behind-the-scenes, showing how Sandra’s team works together. These aren’t your typical headshots - the photos are bright and engaging and reflect the personalities of Sandra’s vibrant team.

Sandra’s new photos are featured on her updated website and sprinkled across her Facebook, and Instagram pages. They are also included in her ongoing advertisement in the Wisconsin Life & Style magazine.

We also strategized Sandra’s email marketing efforts to focus on referrals from existing clients who already know, like, and trust her. Her new email newsletter builds relationships and connections, further solidifying her brand among current and future business.

I love working with Sandra Ranck and the team! They truly epitomize the magic that makes the Green Bay area so special.

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