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From hustle to purpose: Creating more meaning in your brand

We all do it for different reasons…

Maybe it’s the internal people pleaser, and not wanting to let people down.

Maybe it’s the fear of missing out.

Maybe it’s an avoidance of facing stillness.

Maybe it’s the restlessness of just being with yourself that’s scary.

Maybe it’s the stress of keeping up with others.

Maybe it’s wearing the badge of “busy” and “hustle” too proudly to tone back and listen.

I am here to tell you the truth: It’s okay to admit your bandwidth.

When I first started my business, I hustled.  I hustled a lot later than I should have, a lot further than I should have, and a lot farther away from the core.  It was busywork instead of intention.  I hustled because I thought it would make me successful.  If I worked harder, I would be better right? 

But the truth is I was hustling instead of focusing.

Hustling instead of focusing on my purpose.

Hustling instead of focusing on my why.

Something changed when I exhausted myself.  I realized I wasn’t even hustling to do the things I enjoyed doing in my business.  I was just hustling to hustle.  This didn’t grow my business, and it didn’t fuel me.     

The very next step was critical in growing my business:  I stopped hustling.

I stopped listening to the fishing emails from business coaches saying I could have it all and I admitted my bandwidth.  I hired an assistant to help give my business consistency, and not only did I start growing but my business did too.  The funny thing about us entrepreneurs is our businesses grow from the health of our energy, and when you are depleted so is your business.

Have you ever felt your energy was misdirected like this?  

A brand photographer that hustles takes the same generic pictures for each client--the generic stock type images.  

My brand photography connects with your story and passion for making change.  I build meaning and strategy behind you photographs so your images have intention.

If you are interested in diving deeper in the story behind your business let’s talk about creating your details.

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