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How to Bring Your A-game to Your Home Based Business -- Commercial Photography and Product Styling

This month I'll be highlighting home-based businesses & the changes they made to bring their A-game and uplevel their business; sharing insights with YOU on what works, so you can raise your visibility without raising your voice!

Here are 4 tips on how to bring your A-game to kick off this value packed series, highlighting a small woman-owned Chicago business - Plant Based Beauty.

Commercial Photography | Product Styling | Julie M Gile Photography

1. Provide value

Almost everyone has an Instagram profile for their home-based business – and if your posts aren't providing any value, you’ll see tumbleweeds roll through your Instagram feed. 

Know your customer’s pain points and give them content that they actually want and need.

What can your audience learn from you? What tips can you share? How will they be better after reading a caption you posted?

Beautiful photos are one thing, but providing consistent value is how you can bring your A-game!

Julie Gile | Product Photography | Julie M Gile Photography

2. Start an email list

It’s never too early to start capturing email addresses from your current customers and potential future customers.

Anyone who joins your email list is very interested with what you have to offer, so they are more likely to convert into paying customers.

And once they join your email list, you’ll have direct access to their inbox, which is valuable real estate!

Find a way to capture email addresses (create a freebie that your customers find valuable, back to point #1!) and start growing your email list NOW if you haven’t already!

Commercial Photography | Product Styling | Julie M Gile Photography

3. Uplevel your social media content & marketing material

The uniqueness and story of your business should be reflected in every aspect of your photography. 

Your customer needs to know they can trust who they’ll be spending their time and money with.

The right photography that’s carefully crafted with the brand message in mind will pause the eye of the audience so they take a longer, closer look. And you'll finally start attracting the right clients when the right message is being sent!

4. Create a website

A website lets you sell to anyone, anywhere - your website is always marketing your products & services even when you can’t directly, potentially generating sales all day long! 

Websites also provide a sense of credibility, further establish your brand, and continue to tell your brand story.

Commercial Photography | Product Styling | Julie M Gile Photography

These photos show a quick glimpse of a product photography session done for Plant Based Beauty. Read below to see how shop owner, Monica, is bringing her A-game to her home-based business! 

“Investing in professional product photos helped me uplevel from running a hobby to a running a business.

The photos gave me a confidence boost that I needed - I’ve been able to improve my Etsy performance with these new photos that capture the attention of browsers among a crowded marketplace, create beautiful marketing materials utilizing these photos to hand out during markets & shows, and more recently I’ve been able to create my own website using these photos as the main inspiration and content within it.

I would not have been able to make these steps forward without the boost in confidence and the boost in attention grabbing content from the amazing photography by Julie!"

Julie Gile | Product Photography | Julie M Gile Photography

I know what it's like to ruminate, waste time, and wonder.  Especially in this murky world...

Wonder why your amazing, heartfelt content isn't getting noticed.  Wonder if it will sound tone deaf for your clients?  Wonder if what you do is really essential right now? Wonder where your next lead might come from, and wait... Wonder how to make your message stand out. It's not your fault. There are algorithms and basic human behavior and a worldwide pandemic you are bumping up against, and a whole...lot...of... NOISE.

I have been there and I want to shift this for you.

What if you could raise your visibility without raising your voice?  Especially when the world feels off right now?

Product photography will take your business to the next level.  I work with brands from all over the globe who ship me products to professionally stylize and photograph. Targeting photos to tune out the noise and turn up your brand visibility.

Interested in a session? Let’s have a strategy session to see how we can work together! 

Commercial Photography | Product Styling | Julie M Gile Photography

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