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How to Realign Your Marketing Efforts for 2024

As we stand on the brink of a fresh new year, my heart is full of ideas and possibilities. For many of us, as small business owners, this should also be a time to reassess, retune, and realign our marketing strategies.

Change is constant. The market transforms, trends evolve, and your target audience's demands and preferences shift. Businesses that fail to adapt swiftly will risk becoming irrelevant. By realigning your marketing on a regular basis, you can give your brand a renewed purpose and direction, ensuring it remains applicable to your audience.

Ask Yourself These Three Questions

I want to challenge you to humanize your brand and connect more deeply with your audience in 2024. To do that, we need to walk through three questions that will help you consider how your marketing can better pinpoint your ideal customer/client. 

Question 1: Who is the customer/client you recently helped the most? What part of that experience gave you the most inspiration?

This first question is twofold. Think back to a stellar customer service experience from last year. Who was that person, what happened during the experience, and how did it make you feel? What lit you up, before, during, or after the experience, and why did it make you feel so personally fulfilled? 

Was it the client's total trust in your craft? Did you deliver above and beyond on a project or product? Write down your reflections about this experience, focusing not only on what happened and why the customer was happy but also on how it made you feel. 

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Question 2: How can you create more opportunities like that? 

Consider how you can recreate more opportunities that mirror this experience. For example, if you spent extra time with this customer or client, and that time made their experience more enriching, perhaps you need to build in more work time and raise your rates to reflect what you deliver. 

This might mean refining your services, modifying your work processes, or even reassessing the kind of clients to work with. Tailoring your business operations in a way that continuously fuels your passion leads to better service delivery and a more resilient business. 

Question 3: What do you need to do, as a professional, to be able to offer more of this? 

Now, what do you need to do to serve more customers in the way that satisfies you the most? Perhaps it's time for professional development, expanding your team, offering another location, forming strategic partnerships, or broadening your network. 

Understanding what aspects of client engagement inspire you can give you a clearer picture of your ideal customer and how to attract more of them. All these measures can help you grow your business in 2024.

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Focus On Your Authentic Brand in your marketing

Remember that branding is not just about showcasing what you offer, but who you are. Your brand must tell your authentic story in ways that resonate with the people you want to work with. 

One effective way of accomplishing this is through brand photography. I believe that intentional imagery carries the power to humanize your brand, creating a connection that goes beyond the sales transaction. 

A new year provides the perfect canvas to paint a more brilliant vision. So, let's make 2024 your year of profound brand connection and success. 

The right branding creates greater impact.  Together, we can craft a visual journey that captivates, connects, and converts.

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