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Outdoor Branding Session Ideas for Summer

It’s no secret that we LOVE our summers here in the Midwest. Snow cones, sticky fingers, melted popsicles, outdoor music, time at the lake, gardening, bare feet, short sleeves, bonfires, swimming, and boat rides are just a few of the most endearing parts of summer, for me and my family.

Many clients I work with also feel inspired by the amazing greenery and weather and request summer brand photos. So as the weather warms up, I’m featuring a few of my favorite outdoor brand photography sessions to give you inspiration. Here are my outdoor branding session ideas for summer in Northeast Wisconsin!

Bay Beach Amusement Park

When Cindy and her team work with buyers moving into the Green Bay area, she loves to give an exceptionally personalized experience. This includes referring to local businesses and activities to help families get the most out of living here.

So when it came time to strategize about her brand photos, we leaned on Cindy’s favorite places to take her own grandchildren. We also included her team members in the photos, captured at Bay Beach Amusement Park.

When Cindy’s team hosted a client appreciation event at Bay Beach, she used these pictures to successfully promote the event. These images are featured on her website, print marketing, social media, and local billboards.

Cindy’s Bay Beach brand photos have been very popular on her social media channels. This session was tailored to Cindy’s favorite experiences in Green Bay, and it gives you an idea of how we can weave personality into your brand photo session.

Private Gardens

Sister Golden Shop is a delightful bohemian boutique created by a dynamic mother-daughter duo, Vicki and Brooke, who you cannot help but love. They curate “Art that speaks to your soul.” Using only natural elements, Vicki creates unique botanical art by hand. These botanical elements can come from anywhere - including the Costco parking lot!

However, when Vicki was ready to write her book, The Power of Flowers, it was time to visit the garden where she harvests her inspiration. Nestled on the shores of Door County, her private garden and studio was the perfect place to bring all her inspiration together to tell the visual story of the brand. This gallery of brand images was used in her final book publication, national magazine publication Where Women Create, social media, website, and print marketing. We chose to use Vicki’s garden and studio as the setting, because this added personal layers to her brand story.

Urban Rooftops

When the upscale clothing company Haberdasher Co. was looking to refresh its marketing material, we needed a smartly crafted location. While most of the clothing sold at this higher-end, specialty clothing store is for the workday, we wanted to break the tradition and also suggest there are looks to be worn here in the after-hours, too.

With a full styling team in tow, we took to the rooftops of Green Bay to showcase an urban vibe that turns heads. And if the clothing wasn’t enough to look at, we also worked with local firefighters as our models!

Not only did this partnership look amazing, but Haberdasher was also able to make connections on a local level with the firefighting team. We were able to transition these business looks out on the town with a true local flare. I love a great collaboration!

Lambeau Field & Her First Home

Kristen Ambos - Guaranteed Rate Mortgage

Nothing says “Green Bay” louder than Lambeau Field, so when Kristen Ambos was looking for an iconic spot for her first brand photo shoot, we knew it had to be Lambeau.

As a mortgage lender, this photo does more than just smile back at you. Instead, this photo connects the warm summer sunshine, flowers in full bloom, and the largest part of our city. Together, these elements paint the picture of what it feels like to live here in summer, and for people looking for mortgages, this is a natural fit.

For our second location, we chose to highlight a piece of Kristen’s personal story – her very first home. This image has sparked so much interest and also creates a human connection beyond what any traditional headshot can do.

As you are thinking about your own brand, there are so many options available to showcase the very best parts of what makes you special. I have a running list of places available for us to utilize and create the marketing content you're dreaming about - so reach out, now, to chat through ideas.

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