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Shaping Dreams into Reality with "Find Your Ki"

I will never forget my first consultation call with Jill Lemke, founder of Find Your Ki.

Jill took my breath away as she revealed her dream to host meditation retreats in Sedona, Arizona. When someone is brave enough to share their wildest dream, I hold tight to that vision and do everything in my power to help shape that into their reality.

Jill is a meditation coach, Shamanic healer, and host of the very popular podcast, “Breaking Beyond - Guided Meditation.” Her goal has been to bring meditation to Main Street… but she wasn’t sure how to craft a brand strategy to tap into her true audience.

We planned two incredible photoshoots that accelerated the momentum of Jill’s brand. This is coming to fruition in a number of exciting ways - including her new, physical studio space in Downtown De Pere. (You’ll often find me there on Wednesday evenings for her meditations and a cup of tea - a highlight of my week!)

But what about the dream for Sedona?

Fast forward to just over a year after our first conversation. After three initial photo shoots later, Jill and I found ourselves hiking seven miles deep in a Sedona canyon - following intuition to just the right places to tell her story of healing and becoming a healer herself.

In addition to using these photos for her social media, class materials, business cards, and marketing materials, you can see how Jill’s using her brand photos on her website. In addition to checking out Jill’s podcast, I also encourage you to follow Jill on her journey over on her blog.

Holding space for people’s dreams is my personal passion, and I promise to always be here to remind you when the time is right.

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