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Telling vs. Connecting Your Brand Story

There is so much talk in the world about “telling your story”. It seems like your story should be used as some kind of protective shield and, if you flash it at the right time, people will understand and think twice about criticizing you.

I just don’t buy that.

You can tell your story all day long, but can you really get anyone to listen?

There is a major difference between telling your story, and connecting through your story. The latter requires more work and I will argue all day long...honestly, it’s worth it.

When building a house - you start from the bottom up. This cements the strongest parts of the foundation in place for good reason. Quick tip - you are only as strong as your foundation. When building your brand, start with the base. What is your brand built on? To me this brand base building requires embracing your unique life experience, your story and your passion.

Anyone can tell their story; but this doesn’t mean your brand will be successful in motivating an audience to take action. The key to motivating your audience is the ability to meet them where they are and creating thoughtful messaging which is worth paying attention to! Building this messaging also depends on a cohesive effort with your brand visuals too. Here are proven way people connect and absorb your brand messaging:

1. Through your strategic visuals

2. In your writing and storytelling

3. And in the experience with your brand

When I started combining a strategy session with my brand photography my client results skyrocketed. It turns out we are all so passionate about our businesses we get stuck in our own heads churning over new inspirations, and often our messaging can reflect this confusion to our audience. Through the brand strategy session we work down to the foundation and clarify what your brand is built upon so we create cohesive visual imagery to motivate. Then clients started contacting me for deeper brand strategy work before product launches, and the results have been dynamic.

You have to build the foundation before you build the house. Do the brand strategy work so the messaging is cohesive, your story will resonate, and your audience will be motivated.

Interested in learning more? Let's connect!

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