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Brand Photography: The Client That Changed My Business

Many entrepreneurs can point to one moment that changed the entire trajectory of their business. My moment came with a single client.

I shot an amazing, styled shoot to create promotional material for a local venue. It was truly top-notch!

I brought in a local floral designer, Green Bay Floral.

I brought in wedding dresses from Tie The Knot Bridal Boutique.

I brought in signage from a local sign maker.

I brought in Men's Wear from Haberdasher.

I brought in a local videographer Soua Vang Films.

I brought in two different sets of models.

We had all the bells and whistles, everything needed for a massive ad promotional campaign for this venue to start booking weddings.

Here’s the upside: They loved the pictures. Everyone was so impressed.

Here’s the downside: Not long after receiving the images, they released ALL of the pictures in one week. That’s right - they pushed out over 70 images and four videos onto their social media channels in just a few days time.

That moment significantly impacted the way I thought about my business, because no matter how much research I do on the front end to make sure I understand your vision, your goals, and your brand, if you don't understand the strategy on how to use the images, our entire investment together falls flat.

So now, in brand strategy sessions, I work diligently with my clients to understand what part of the business they want to grow with these images and what kind of obstacles they want to overcome in their client experience.

But just as importantly, when I do the full gallery reveal at the end of the strategizing, shooting, and editing, we talk about the strategy again and figure out where and how the images will be used.

With this plan in place, my clients walk away knowing exactly what's going to happen with the images we’ve created in a dedicated, strategic form. They aren’t just winging it with a bunch of pretty pictures.

Create profitable pictures, not just pretty pictures.

This client changed the way I do my business because they had the most amazing pictures I could have ever imagined, but they had no idea how to use them. As a passionate brand photographer, I want more for my clients.

Since then, I’ve re-developed the way that I do my education process through the brand strategy session. I also include a brand reveal where we go through your strategy together and talk about what specific pictures to use for what specific purposes.

If this sounds like a refreshing, thoughtful way to approach brand photography, I’d love to talk to you about your brand strategy for 2022! Get in touch HERE

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