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Three Branding Rules I'd BREAK for Your Business

Just about every realm of business is saturated in a sea of noise. It’s so important to be intentional about how your brand is portrayed, especially when it comes to your personal brand.

It’s imperative to show up in a way that fits authentically with who you are, personally, which by its very definition will help you stand out from the crowd.

So to help get you there, today we’re discussing three branding rules I'd break for your business.

 Three Branding Rules I’d BREAK for Your Business | Julie M Gile Photography

Look Far Outside Your Industry for Inspiration

Ideas can come from anywhere - so stop limiting yourself!

If you’re only looking left and right to what others within your industry are doing, you’re missing out on a world of opportunity. I work very hard during my brand photography sessions to go way outside any kind of industry boundaries. We look at where your personality shines - not where your product fits.

This exercise breaks boundaries, blazes trails, eliminates competition, and create something genuinely brand-new for your brand.

Point Your Lens at Passion Over Profit

During our brand strategy session, one of the first questions I ask is: “Where do you want to grow in your business? What type of service or offer do you want to increase”

I never ask, “Where are you making the most money?” - because typically, that's not always the favorite spot for a business owner!

If we can transition your branding to focus on what you’re actually passionate about, you can realign your business to grow from where your energy flows. When you work from this more inspired place - passion first - the profits will follow.

With this approach, you'll actually have a better aligned, more exciting, and more invested brand. The we grow your marketing from here, and build a brand from your passion first.

Emphasize “Boutique” Over “Big”

Let's chuck the concept of “bigger is better” out the window. How do we make your brand a boutique business? A boutique business really zeros in on what makes you shine and what you are really, really good at. It also allows you to speak directly at your target audience - not the whole world.

A boutique business is something that you can sustain. It has your fingerprints all over it. It means you’re offering a personalized service - which is something that nobody can actually compete with.

Curating a boutique business becomes the focus of your branding. Whether you limit your promotional focus or just do a better job of telling your story, the point is to have your fingerprint on your business so it’s hyper-personal.

So tell me: Which of these three branding rules are we breaking first for you?

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