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Top Three Tips to Make Your Brand Story Stand Out

There is no other brand like you - so how can you make sure that you stand out?

In my Brand Strategy sessions, we walk through the process step-by-step. We figure out what makes your brand different - and then connect this story visually. Here is a peek into my process, demonstrated through one client’s successful brand photoshoot.

I met Leah Mann at a Tuesdays Together meeting over four years ago, just after I moved to Green Bay. It was such a joy to brainstorm and be creative, together, and things came full circle when I partnered with Leah to uplevel her wedding videography business, Leah Mann Creative, with custom brand photography.

I was honored to help Leah find her “just right” brand voice. Here are the three things we did to make her brand story stand out above the rest:

Tip #1: Create Custom Stock Images

Break free from stock photo websites and create imagery that’s unique to you and your brand story. For Leah’s shoot, we chose to photograph mugs that speak to her story. For example, “Midwest” speaks to where her business is based, where her own personal love story brand is, and where she is putting down her brand roots by telling other couples’ love stories. We also captured the final product that Leah’s clients receive - a USB drive inside of a custom engraved keepsake box.

Tip #2: Embrace Your Niche

Your photos can speak on multiple levels - including where you have them taken. In Leah’s case, she chose to have her photoshoot at Black Sheep Weddings, which is a savvy business move. Not only has she cultivated a wonderful relationship with the owners, through prior wedding shoots, but she would also like to deepen her relationship with the organization.

Because her brand photos were shot at this venue, Leah can authentically tag Black Sheep Weddings in her social media photos for future couples to notice.

Tip #3: Show Your Process

If you are a service provider, you know that so much more goes into the service than the client will ever see. Find ways to showcase your process in your brand photography, to demonstrate the value you bring to the table.

Leah doesn’t just show up with a camera on a wedding day. She puts a great deal of time into understanding each couple’s unique love story, far in advance. Leah's brand is different because she has a professional creative process and incredible organizational skills, and we emphasized this in her brand photos. Her photos communicate why Leah is worth the investment, and also give her talking points for her social media captions.

Leah documents love stories that last a lifetime, and her new collection of brand images is already giving her content to leverage her place in the market. You can follow along on Leah’s journey on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Reach out to me, today, if you’re ready to make your brand story stand out.

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