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Finding Your Flow in a Brand Photography Session

Almost everyone I photograph is camera shy. There is nothing like having a photographer zoom in on you and instantly feeling those jitters inside. I get it, I am the same way when I get photographed too! One of my favorite parts about being a photographer is making people feel comfortable. Combining the most important ingredients together for your shoot will help you find your flow for a natural and genuine photo session.

Strategy Session

You would never go into a situation where you have to perform cold turkey, without any preparation.  This is why I always plan a strategy call 1-2 weeks before your session to iron out all the details, and then you know exactly what to expect.  Here we dive deep into who you want to connect with, and the message you want to send.  We'll prepare all the questions about hair and makeup, clothing choices, most flattering colors to wear for your skin tone, and so much more. This is one of the most important pieces of a successful photoshoot because the information learned in your 1-hour strategy call helps frame your entire session. 

Find your guide

It takes so much more than technical knowledge to be a great photographer. When you interview photographers make sure to find someone who takes the care and consideration to connect with you and make you feel comfortable. Strong photographers understand the feeling of camera jitters and will go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. Having a series of poses prepared to compliment your body type, talented photographers will guide you through natural positioning during your session to encourage your connection with the camera. Being able to communicate and gain your trust, read your body language, and guide you will all create the natural images you are striving for.

"Oh my gosh, we LOVED working with you today. Thank you for making the photoshoot so special. Your compassion, understanding, and encouragement are so appreciated. We can tell that you totally 'get' where your clients are at. Great intuition!"  -P

Own your time

During our strategy session, we will determine based on your goals how long your session will take and where. Make sure to plan enough time before your session to treat yourself. Grab a nice coffee, plan extra time to get your hair and makeup done, and allow yourself to arrive feeling great. Minimize distractions like checking your phone just before your session so you have the opportunity to just be present. This will help your energy be centered in the right place and our session will have all the elements to make you shine.

Finding your flow in a photography session has just as much to do with the photographer as it does with you. Making the time to connect with a photographer who will honor where you are in your journey, and do the homework required for a successful photo shoot is an investment worth the effort!

"Julie is a total pro. She stands head and shoulders above her peers. She is detailed, she listens, and she does her homework. Above all else she genuinely cares for and about the people she is working with which elevates her and her work in a cluttered industry." -T

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