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6 Signs Your Brand Looks Unprofessional

Your brand's appearance is your first - and sometimes only - chance to make a good impression. An unprofessional brand presence can swiftly deter potential clients or customers, sending them straight to your competitors, who are doing a better job of marketing a consistent brand. 

From social media to website design, the devil is in the details when it comes to great branding. But there’s hope: By recognizing potential signs of weakness, you can fix your mistakes and improve your brand’s credibility and visibility. 

Sign 1: You Rely on Stock Imagery

Nothing screams “generic” louder than stock images plastered across social media, your website, and your ads. These photos, while convenient, lack the authenticity critical to forming genuine connections.

Instead, invest in custom stock photography tailored to your brand. A brand photographer can capture the essence of your business, presenting a unique and professional image to the world, while still giving you images that are versatile and timeless.

Sign 2: You Are Not Consistent

Posting frequent social media updates for a week and then vanishing for months is a recipe for obscurity. Inconsistency in messaging, visuals, or engagement tells your audience that you're not dependable.

Instead, develop a content calendar and stick to it. Ensure your brand voice and visuals are uniform across all channels. Consistency builds trust and recognition.

Sign 3: You Have a Confusing Sales Process

A confusing or broken sales process can frustrate potential buyers, leading them to ghost you for a company that makes the process easier. 

Instead, streamline your sales funnel. Make every step clear and easy to navigate. The smoother the process, the more professional your brand appears.

Sign 4: You Post Links That Are Broken

Broken links not only frustrate users but also hurt your SEO efforts. They signal neglect and a lack of attention to detail.

Instead, regularly audit your website and social media profiles to ensure all links are active and lead to the correct pages. It's a small effort that significantly boosts professionalism.

Sign 5: You Post Content That Is Out of Season

Posting photos that feature snow, in the middle of summer, disconnects your brand from the current realities of your audience. Deals that mention past seasons can also lead your audience to believe that you are out of touch. 

Instead, plan content that aligns with the seasons and your audience's current interests. This relevance demonstrates awareness and attention to detail. You should also make sure any specials you are running make sense for the current season and are pulled down once the deal expires.

Sign 6: Your Content Is Void of Human Connection

One of the biggest mistakes I see brands making is avoiding imagery that shows faces. Even product-based companies are missing an opportunity if humans are never shown in their branding. 

Instead, showcase the people behind the brand and the customers you serve, to foster connection and trust. This article breaks down the psychological reasons why human faces are so important in marketing.

If you recognize any of these signs within your brand, it's not too late to correct your course. Elevating your brand's online presence not only distinguishes you from competitors but also aligns you closer to your business goals. 

Ready to level up your brand's professionalism? Let's connect and transform your online presence into the polished and engaging brand story it deserves to be.

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