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How to Create Consistent and Compelling Content

Brand photography should be a critical part of your marketing strategy. You know I’m going to say that… because I’m a brand photographer, right? ;-)

I’m also speaking from experience. As a business owner, I use photography to communicate my brand voice, stories, and the transformation I provide to my clients. And one of the places I share these stories is through my content marketing.

We’ve talked about social media before (check out this blog) but content marketing also includes blogs, email newsletters, podcasts, videos, and/or a website. I’ve never really let you into my content creation process, so today, let’s dig into what it takes to create content in a consistent and compelling way.

Step 1: What Are People Googling?

Take a step back and think about your ideal client. When it comes to the solution you provide (and the problem they have), what questions are they Googling?

In my case, the number one thing people Google when it comes to brand photography is “what should I wear?” So, I try to talk about wardrobe and color palettes on a regular basis in my social media content and in my email newsletters. I actually dedicated a third of my last brand photoshoot to answering this question - you can see photos from that shoot, right here.

Step 2: Create Content to Provide Value

Once you have a list of common questions or concerns that your ideal clients are searching for, you can start creating content that answers those questions and provides value. Your goal should be to become their go-to, trusted resource for all things related to your niche.

In that same vein, my email newsletter isn’t all based on brand photography. I know that my clients care about supporting other local businesses, so I regularly feature my “favorite finds” in my email newsletter.

Step 3: Build Trust Through Client Reviews

People trust the opinions of others, and many of our businesses are built on referrals, which is why online reviews are so important. We already know that Google favors businesses with good content - so let’s lean into the power of Google by leveraging online reviews.

Your customers and clients are leaving reviews on Google, Etsy, social media, and elsewhere. (If they’re not - you can encourage them to do so!) Go ahead and repurpose their comments into your content. Feature their testimonials, with their name attached, in your social media posts, email newsletters, blogs, and even on your website.

Step 4: Create Content with Great Imagery

What if you could find a way to answer your customers’ most frequently asked question(s) through brand photography? As a photographer, my job is to help you create content that answers all these through photos so that your clients and customers are more confident and excited about doing business with you.

Just because you can't picture what that would look like, right now, doesn't mean it's not possible. That's where my expertise comes in. Click here to get the conversation started.

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