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First Class Adventure with Premier Travel

Premier Travel specializes in planning luxury vacations for travelers who want to make the most of every moment. But as much as I’d love to shoot the company’s brand photos in Italy, Greece, or New Zealand, it just wasn’t realistic! Instead, my challenge was to scout local locations that convey the upscale adventures that Premier is known for arranging.

Anne Kulhanek, the founder of Premier Travel, really wanted to elevate her online content beyond generic stock photos. That’s why we spent time during our brand strategy session to review the hottest locations her clients enjoy. Then, I went to work scouting locations to suggest these hotspots through brand photos.

Our first shoot featured the classy Ledgestone Vineyards and Winery, and we found some beautiful moments that evoke luxurious Italian villas.

Our second shoot took us to the Green Bay Botanical Garden. Thanks to a slightly overcast sky that diffused any harsh sunlight, we enjoyed ideal outdoor lighting. I used natural architectural features like buildings, trellis structures, and arches to frame Anne and Elle. That is how in one location, I was able to create multiple looks, including props like rolling suitcases and trench coats.

For our third shoot, I wanted to find a classic urban look. To achieve this, we went to Downtown Green Bay and found Glas Coffee. I especially love the look through the window of Anne and her assistant, Elle, in full-on planning mode. Even though this is Green Bay, with a bit of creativity we were able to make this shoot feel European.

From Alaska to European wine river cruises, Anne now has a customized set of brand photos she is proud to showcase on her website, social media accounts, and in other marketing materials. Instead of using stock photography, Anne is now able to keep connecting with her clients in a more authentic and fun way!

Even though we stayed in Green Bay, Anne and Elle look like they are worlds away. Follow Premier Travel’s adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

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