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Level the Playing Field with Connection

I'm never going to be the photographer who focuses more on sales funnels, lead generators, and hashtags than people. I am not spending time creating tripwires to incentivize you to buy before the amazing deal runs out. Real people and their stories are what fuels me. The magic comes when you start connecting and telling these stories through visual messaging: you attract an audience of authentic people who value connection too.

This is how businesses can compete no matter what their size or budgets. Authentic brand photography generates 35% greater engagement than stock images according to Forbes Magazine.  Essentially you are making your voice heard without raising your tone because you are eliminating noise!

The most amazing details are found through connection, especially with a camera in hand. When people feel comfortable, they let down their guard, they become authentic, and the heart of photography can begin. Somewhere in this connection is where the brand story begins, and the competition becomes insignificant. This is how I build brands through visual messaging. 

Looking back through all my favorite brand photography projects, I have noticed clients who value connection with their own clients are driven to serve and create from an authentic place. These are the clients who are not looking for the watered-down pictures (like generic hands on a keyboard), but the images to truly resonate with their audience. Through our strategy session, we figure out what this looks like together weeks before our shoot even begins. If you are interested in making your brand connect authentically with your audience let's connect your brand story!


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