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Marketing Beyond Social Media

Social media is truly a double-edged sword.

While it’s an incredible way to stay in front of clients, attract new people into your orbit, and build a community of like-minded individuals - social media can be an insatiable beast, demanding daily attention and upkeep.

Not to mention the potential for trolls, bots, comparison traps, and unfounded negativity!

Social media is a useful tool, especially when you have your goals clear, but remember - it’s only ONE tool available in your marketing toolbox. During my strategy session, we discuss your marketing goals and how to diversify your efforts to make the biggest impact on your brand. People often forget to look beyond the social media scroll into marketing material with much greater staying power.

This month I was honored by the national magazine Where Women Create for my work with Sister Goldenshop located in Door County Wisconsin. We collaborated to take readers behind the curtain on the amazing botanical art created by owner Vicki Rawlings. Our gallery visually documents her creative process in her at-home studio on the shores of Lake Michigan. Our story begins in Vicki’s beloved garden where viewers come on a foraging journey, then into her studio with tweezers in hand, to create her botanical masterpieces.

Garden on the shore of Lake Michigan

Garden on the shore of Lake Michigan

Botanical Art by Vicki Rawlings

Botanical Art by Vicki Rawlings

This is an incredible opportunity to get my client’s name in front of a much wider audience in a very physical, tangible way. A magazine isn’t something you scroll past on a social media feed, barely pausing to register what you just saw or read. A magazine is something you look at multiple times, keep on your coffee table, and earmark for later reference.

How can you replicate this? How can you get something physical into your clients’ hands?

This could look like…

  • Direct mailings

  • Local Publications

  • Calendar

  • Cookbook

  • Workbook

  • Print ads

  • Promotional brochures

  • Brand books

  • Presentation folders

  • Postcards

  • Flyers

  • Stickers

Botanical Art by Vicki Rawlings

The list goes on! In fact, I’m currently working on shooting images for a client’s workbook, another client’s journal, and a second cookbook with Bay Area Life and Style.

These pieces will all have a much longer shelf life than an Instagram post and can lead to some exciting opportunities. In fact, for the project described above, this national exposure led to an international book deal and beyond.

So tell me… What’s your dream magazine to be published in?

Let’s go after that dream!

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