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Three Hot Tips for Spicing Up Your Branding Visuals

Keeping your brand imagery fresh is important for engaging your audience and attracting new customers. But too many organizations revert back to the same, stale photos. Even when the pictures are “new,” they aren’t much different from what the audience has seen before.

Sound familiar?

That’s why I’m constantly challenging my brand photography clients to think outside the box. We collaborate together to come up with fresh, exciting ways to convey their products, people, services, and mission. This way, every set of photos displays a solid brand message in new and innovative ways, which captures more attention when they’re used in marketing efforts.

Here are just three ways you can spice up your visuals in your next brand photoshoot.

Compose Flatlay Branding Images

flatlay and team bonding

Create a “top-down” look with your hands putting the final touches on your product or something that conveys the service you provide. This gives the viewer a whole new perspective (literally!) at what you do and the value you bring to the table. These images can function as “custom stock images” in your marketing efforts, perfect for overlaying text in social media graphics, website hero images, and more.

Of course, this takes a lot more than just setting up a camera and putting some objects under the lens. When I shoot flatlays, I integrate careful lighting, on-brand color composition, and intentional selections of what to shoot. The final images are versatile and timeless, giving the client a myriad of ways to use the pictures in marketing materials.

Take Action Shots

interior design posing

Artful action shots engage viewers in your daily process with a new, authentic perspective. Pull back the curtain and let people come along with your process!

Do you work at a desk all day? That doesn’t mean we can only shoot you at a computer. When we have our brand strategy session, we’ll chat about action-oriented ways we can convey your message.

Showcase Teamwork

team members working together

Humanize your brand by including a group photo that includes the special people who make your business flow. This could include your families, your customers, your clients, or even your office pets.

We can also consider a unique location for your team shot, which adds more details to your brand. Every image tells a story, and by thoughtfully considering who is in your images (as well as where they are shot), we can convey a sense of teamwork and camaraderie.

If you like the images included here, get a behind-the-scenes look at this same brand photo shoot in my Instagram Reel. Which idea is your favorite?

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