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Welcome to Julie M. Gile Photography

Here’s what I’ve learned as a photographer in Green Bay: the small business and personal brands are breathing life into our community. The shop owner, the farm-to-table restaurateur, the health and wellness start-up, the artists, makers and musicians, the manufacturers and tradespeople, each offer their enthusiasm and insights to grow our future. I am honored to make it my mission and purpose to tell these stories through my photography.

The Power of Community

I’ve been fortunate to say that two wonderful cities “by the bay” have been my home.

The first was San Francisco. My husband and I left the Midwest to pursue careers there several years ago. Our memories are wonderful and many. But once we had children, and especially as they began to approach school-age, something was missing. And we knew where to find it ...

In 2018 we came to a big decision: it was time to come home and share our lives with family.

Green Bay is my husband’s hometown; as for me, I grew up in Minnesota. Quickly we realized just how right our decision was. Moving my photography business to Green Bay finds me relishing in the personal adventure I’m on, experiencing what makes Green Bay a community.

What is a community? One definition describes it as “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.” Dig deeper, and you’ll discover it’s a lot more like family. I think this definition might just sum it up best: “a feeling of fellowship with others.”

Whether you’re looking to grow your business or gain visibility for your nonprofit, the personal touch, capturing that special something, a moment, a look in someone’s eyes, this is at the very heart of what I do.

My goal is to connect our community to your story. Knowing your story makes your brand different from any other business out there.

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