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How Do I Create a Unique “Look” for Every Brand?

One of the most exciting challenges I have, as a brand photographer, is pinpointing exactly what makes a person or organization unique, and then coaxing those traits out during a shoot. Just scroll through my Instagram and you’ll see a diverse range of brand images that I have captured on behalf of my clients.

But on closer inspection, you might notice that I work with a lot of people who are in the same industry - interior designers, mortgage brokers, and realtors, to name a few. So how do I make sure each one stands out, and create a unique "look" for every brand I work with?

As you can imagine, even within the same industry, every business has a different end goal, a distinct audience, and a diverse brand strategy. So, my answer to this question breaks down into three categories: Brand Strategy, Location, and Personality.

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is the compass that guides the direction of our entire shoot, including clothing choices, flatlays, location, colors, models, and props. Every brand photoshoot requires a unique approach, which is based on the specific brand strategy. And that strategy is worked out ahead of time, before I even pull out my camera!

An interior designer, for example, might have a goal to get published. That leads me to structure their shoot very differently from a designer who wants to work with more builders or a designer who is aiming for six high-end projects every year. The “look” we create is also dependent on how they intend to use their brand images.

female entrepreneur headshot on sofa

To use another example, a realtor who is competing against dozens of other realtors in the same market needs to help me understand how their approach stands out. Our brand photos are created to differentiate the realtor’s offerings in a crowded marketplace.

team members cheersing champagne


Another integral component of brand differentiation is the setting of the shoot. The sky is truly the limit! I am lucky to have so many local connections, which has allowed me to curate shoot locations that are as specific and unique as each of my clients.

A realtor, for example, could have a shoot in an opulent house, an intimate studio, or a bustling construction zone. We could take photos in a serene park, outside their own house, or an open space with the city skyline in the background. The location serves as the backdrop to a narrative, adding depth and dimension to every brand story. Environmental details become the engaging elements that differentiate each client from their competition.

outdoor photo shoot outside of home


The most compelling differentiator is the person behind the brand. Your personality greatly influences how we portray your brand image. A realtor who is down-to-earth and approachable might not dress in their most expensive designer suit, but instead, roll up their sleeves to subtly show off their ink.

Going hand-in-hand with brand personality is the demographics of your target audience. Who do you want to attract to your website? Do you want to portray an exclusive experience? Are you an innovator or a traditionalist? The answers to such questions guide the creative process.

During your brand photo shoot, I will use a creative mix of props and shot list ideas to communicate directly to the right clients for your personality and niche. We want to establish trust and create a connection before they even contact you for the first time.

interior decorations

If you’re ready to distill your brand’s essence into compelling visual storytelling, breaking from the mold and standing out proudly from your competition, shoot me a message. By intricately weaving brand strategy, location, and personality, I will create a visual language that humanizes your brand and creates an irresistible pull for your ideal audience.

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